A bet is an contract usually amid two parties such that the individual who makes the incorrect prediction about an uncertain outcome will suffer the bet that was established to the other. A bet may also refer to a plan or an option considered regarding its probable outcome.
I don’t realize why people bet on futures because that bet usually takes one whole season prior to know whether you win or not. I can see you make a bet on who you think will win the Super Bowl like as soon as the playoff start but is it stupid to trust betting futures is dumb. The question that is still unanswered are which is right thing to bet upon is. I think this question depends upon the circumstances at hand.
People generally bet on different events and at different times. Lots of individuals bet on events for example sports e.g. soccer, rugby, hockey and many other sports that attention them. For example in a match between Manchester United and Arsenal, individuals will bet on the team they think and hope will probably win and in the event either of them wins then that bettor takes the agreed price and whenever of a draw, each party carries away what they had promised.
A bet is not automatically represented by cash except can, depending on circumstance and the nature of the event in anticipation, be represented by other commodities of worth that the bettors may deem useful eg a phone can be a bet. Betting is addictive and can most likely ruin you. Many people bet for fun, entertainment and for intellectual pursuit. However, if you think betting is the way to riches, I strongly recommend that you stop instantly. Many people go betting to flee difficult situations only to fail and find themselves in much deeper situations .The concept of money lost on futures is a much more difficult question to answer.
Betting is dangerous especially where huge bets are placed. This is more so with the old people who have made betting their lifestyle. Some people have not learnt the hazards of betting and every time are lured to placing a large bet which in case they lose affects their living forever. A case is how a person place all his daily profits to a football match. This phenomenon is largely experienced where people gamble after having beer either in a club or in a casino. Betting is not all that downbeat. If you recognize that there are specific untapped advantages from betting which are not visible and are beyond the race track or the walls of casino or even bingo social hall. It is notable that runners people who bet successfully and obtain some money from it end up using the money in a more productive manner. Those people who know the value of betting never get into opinions where they are blinded to make huge bets the very first time they hit the card.

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